Moving != fun.

I am still in Queens. I am in the process of moving all my crap from Albany to Queens. Albany, where my life fell apart. I have 2 computers there, a futon, a recliner, a TV, a queen size mattress and box spring, a dresser, and the other various accoutrements of life. The recent Slashdot article entitled Dot Commers back to the Dorm really hit home. A fellow former Aimster employee even replied. Hopefully I’ll be going back to Dartmouth sometime soon. It’s odd to say that because I really hate(d) my time at Dartmouth. But I guess I’ll be glad to have that chapter of my life completed. Ivy League graduate will hopefully look better on my resume than Ivy League dropout.

I am trying to get unemployment insurance which will hopefully tide me over and get at least some of my bills paid off.

Right now life is a world of shit, but I’m sure it could be much worse. I’m alive and in decent health, so that’s good. And I have a great girlfriend/fiancee who is also alive and in decent health, and if she’d stop smoking it would be great. So things are bad, but not awful, and could definitely be worse.

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