Bye Bye Albany

Well, I’m out of Albany completely now. All that’s left to do there is break my lease, cancel gas, electric, phone, cable. I got fucked by the jackass at U-Haul who said I could return the truck to any U-Haul in Queens any time until they close. It turned out that I had to have the truck back by 1 PM so I got charged $40 for an extra day for returning the truck at 6:30. Soo $175 for the truck, plus $39.11 in gas (assholes gave it with 3/8 tank) plus $22.40 in tolls plus $40 late fee == I FUCKING HATE AIMSTER. The article on Slashdot and CNET and ZDNN about people stealing from the former employers who gave them the shaft really hit home. I would love to steal from Aimster. Anything I can to get some form of money back from them.

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