Life goes on, sort of.

Well, it seems I somehow managed to get a job! Hooray! I went to the interview and after talking to the president for 2 hours, he offered me the job on the spot! Now I get to do PHP, Oracle, and sysadmin stuff, which is all stuff I wanted to do! The pay is not the best, but that can change. The boss seems like a really cool guy also which is a big bonus after the whole Aimster ordeal. I still really have nowhere to live. The place I’m staying at in Queens, and had been paying for the entire time I was in Albany, well some heartless person reported them to the housing department for having an illegal basement apartment. The complaint was apparently closed since the people who own the house wouldn’t let the inspectors in, but they still want us to move out. I do not know where I am going to live now, and since I now work in Manhattan, my options are a lot more limited with regard to location. My girlfriend is unable to get a job even though she has a Masters degree and is attending Columbia Teacher’s College. Even TC won’t give her a job, even as work study.

So basically everything still sucks, but maybe a little less, in new and exciting ways. All of these events will make for a very interesting autobiography when I am an old man. I mean, on the one hand I am lucky to be alive, but what good does being alive do me if I have nowhere to live and hence no way to get to work? Oh, also I got completely screwed out of my unemployment for the 3 months I was out of work because of incompetence at the Unemployment Office. But like the title says, life goes on, sort of.

As a special bonus to you, here is a transcript of the chat I had with John Deep, Aimster’s CEO. This is from Friday, October 12th, 2001. He’s johnnyaimster (on AIM) and I’m the other one. I changed my screen name and email address to prevent spam. Note how any time I mention selling Aimster he completely ignores it. This chat left me feeling a bit sorry for him, as I think he was more delusional than actually evil, but he still owes me a lot of money and he still had me continue working when there wasn’t enough money to pay me (and regardless of what he says here, he knew that) so that’s still intent to defraud, so I’m still going to have to sue him or something, somehow. Enjoy!

Me (1:41:48 PM): Sheila said you wanted to talk to me
johnnyaimster (1:42:58 PM): oh hi...i understand you've gotten very unhappy with the way you were treated?
Me (1:43:03 PM): Yes.
Me (1:43:27 PM): And I think that is understandable.
johnnyaimster (1:43:27 PM): well the company had to treat everyone equally
Me (1:43:33 PM): I know that
Me (1:43:51 PM): But nobody warned me, or anybody, that there were money problems
johnnyaimster (1:43:53 PM): if it were up to me i would have tried to give you special consideration for you circumstances
johnnyaimster (1:44:13 PM): but that just isn't possible
Me (1:44:25 PM): I understand that I can't get special treatment
Me (1:44:31 PM): that's not what I was looking for
Me (1:45:12 PM): If you knew there were money problems why didn't you warn anybody before hand so they could have made other arrangements?
Me (1:45:51 PM): As it was I was $2000 in debt and was preparing to pay it off with that paycheck that never happened
johnnyaimster (1:45:52 PM): there were no secrets from anyone
Me (1:45:57 PM): ???
Me (1:46:01 PM): How can you say that?
johnnyaimster (1:46:09 PM): you knew what everyone else knew as soon as anyone knew it
Me (1:46:29 PM): So the company ran out of money and nobody knew it, not even the CFO or CEO?
Me (1:46:37 PM): I really find that incredibly difficult to believe.
Me (1:47:15 PM): Why did 60 new computers appear the same week that there wasn't enough money to pay payroll?
johnnyaimster (1:47:36 PM): there are two separate companies you know that
johnnyaimster (1:47:46 PM): pi2 is the software company that you worked for
johnnyaimster (1:48:24 PM): all fo their funds went to payroll right to the last 14k
johnnyaimster (1:48:49 PM): they explaind the whole thing in the meeting...and that was the whole truth
Me (1:49:05 PM): That reeks of fraud
johnnyaimster (1:49:23 PM): evan that's not fair of you to say
Me (1:49:29 PM): John, really it is.
Me (1:49:36 PM): I risked so much to join Aimster
Me (1:49:51 PM): I thought I had planned for every contingency
Me (1:49:59 PM): even if Aimster died I would still be okay
Me (1:50:07 PM): it never occurred to me that you would do what you have done
Me (1:50:39 PM): There's not enough money to pay anybody, so you just pretend there is no problem?
johnnyaimster (1:50:41 PM): now why do you bring me into it...i don't run the software company know that
johnnyaimster (1:51:18 PM): it has its own board and officers and shareholders
Me (1:51:28 PM): And who exactly are those people?
Me (1:51:48 PM): I would really like their names and addresses.
Me (1:52:02 PM): I can get them from the department of state though
johnnyaimster (1:52:28 PM): well i'm sorry you feel that way...and that your financial situation worsened
Me (1:52:45 PM): And really John, regardless of all the corporation mumbo-jumbo, you were always "the boss" regardless of what you may say
johnnyaimster (1:52:48 PM): i really am sorry...but there's nothing i could do at that moment
Me (1:52:58 PM): John, you could have at least WARNED ME!!!!!
Me (1:53:04 PM): Is that so hard to do?
johnnyaimster (1:53:24 PM): well we talked about the situation constantly with everyone
Me (1:53:34 PM): That is incorrect.
johnnyaimster (1:53:48 PM): how there was going to be cash that would come from the buddysharing application if it could be finished
Me (1:53:50 PM): because neither you nor ed told me there were financial woes
Me (1:54:10 PM): And just 2 days before August 10th, Sheila told me there was plenty of money
Me (1:54:21 PM): I'm sure sheila wasn't trying to deceive me
johnnyaimster (1:54:38 PM): no she wasn't
Me (1:55:04 PM): But if she was under the impression that there was a lot of money, I find it hard to believe that "you spoke with everyone"
johnnyaimster (1:55:42 PM): it wasn't me that spoke with them...everyone knew the situation and what we were trying to do to bring in revenue
Me (1:55:58 PM): You cannot say "everyone knew" because I did not know.
johnnyaimster (1:55:59 PM): true it had nothing to do with the mac side of things..the revenue
Me (1:56:34 PM): devising ways to bring in revenue has nothing to do with the current financial state
Me (1:56:41 PM): companies are always looking for new revenue streams
Me (1:56:51 PM): just because we are looking for a revenue stream doesn't mean we have $0
Me (1:57:22 PM): Can you give me the names of the board and officers of BuddyUSA, Pi2, and AbovePeer please.
Me (1:57:52 PM): I know Bill Duker, Paul Goetz, You, John Cavalier
johnnyaimster (1:58:09 PM): evan you shouldn't be like's not fair
Me (1:58:14 PM): Be like what?
Me (1:58:32 PM): I guess you cannot imagine the pile of feces that my life has become John.
johnnyaimster (1:58:35 PM): everyone was trying very hard to keep the guys altogether...including you
Me (1:58:53 PM): I would have rather been laid off than treated the way I was john
Me (1:59:00 PM): As it was I could not even collect unemployment.
johnnyaimster (1:59:11 PM): now why didn't you tell me that before?
johnnyaimster (1:59:17 PM): when you left we had a plan i thought
johnnyaimster (1:59:24 PM): you seemed happy with it at the time
Me (1:59:35 PM): I cannot believe you did not even have the common courtesy to tell me that I wouldn't get paid
johnnyaimster (1:59:46 PM): you were moving to queens, collecting unemployment, taking the computer and working from down there
johnnyaimster (2:00:09 PM): you never let me know you had a more serious problem
Me (2:00:18 PM): I found it hard to believe that you really expected me to work for free; you must have mistaken my shock for happiness
Me (2:00:41 PM): John, I was getting evicted from my apartment!
johnnyaimster (2:00:42 PM): i always liked you a lot and thought of you as a someone i trusted
Me (2:01:01 PM): How could you not have known I was in dire straits when I told you that?
Me (2:01:08 PM): I was already -$300 in my checking account
Me (2:01:11 PM): and I you, john
Me (2:01:26 PM): You cannot imagine the bridges I burned with my family to join Aimster
johnnyaimster (2:01:26 PM): right that's why i feel so bad about this
johnnyaimster (2:01:39 PM): i had no idea i'm sorry
johnnyaimster (2:02:12 PM): i just remember it was like..."i'd like to take time off and try programming..."
Me (2:02:27 PM): I don't really remember what I said
Me (2:02:43 PM): Really I was taking the Mac as sort of collateral
Me (2:02:48 PM): I don't have any use for it
Me (2:02:55 PM): I will gladly return it
johnnyaimster (2:03:33 PM): well what about working from down there when we recover
johnnyaimster (2:03:38 PM): you don't want to do that
Me (2:03:55 PM): If I have time and you can pay me the money you already owe me, then fine
johnnyaimster (2:04:11 PM): evan you are absolutely going to be paid the money you're owed
johnnyaimster (2:04:24 PM): that's not even a question about that
Me (2:04:35 PM): John, after this whole fiasco I really can't give your words much credibility.
johnnyaimster (2:04:36 PM): that's all everyone is trying to do
Me (2:04:48 PM): You owe so much more to all the other employees
johnnyaimster (2:05:13 PM): everyone understands the situation and that they will be paid asap
Me (2:05:29 PM): but when is ASAP?
johnnyaimster (2:05:31 PM): you got the letter with the option offer from ed right...where it was explained?
Me (2:05:43 PM): What happens in the event that Aimster folds completely?
Me (2:05:52 PM): That seems like a very real possibility to me
Me (2:05:56 PM): No, I got nothing from Ed.
johnnyaimster (2:05:57 PM): doesn't matter the payroll still gets paid
Me (2:06:11 PM): How, if the corporation has no assets?
Me (2:06:26 PM): NYS law is that payroll is every 2 weeks
johnnyaimster (2:06:48 PM): payroll gets paid first...the letter that ed sent to everyone explains that
Me (2:06:48 PM): I am not inflexible, but "asap" is not really good enough
Me (2:07:03 PM): He didn't send it to me.
johnnyaimster (2:07:03 PM): it just reiterates what bill said in the meeting
Me (2:07:35 PM): Employees must be paid FIRST.
johnnyaimster (2:07:51 PM): that's correct that's what bill said in the meeting
Me (2:08:00 PM): so who is paying WorldCom and Abovenet?
johnnyaimster (2:08:09 PM): but they also have to be treated equitably
johnnyaimster (2:08:22 PM): meaning you can't pay some employees and not others
Me (2:08:29 PM): I understand that.
Me (2:08:37 PM): I am not asking for special treatment.
Me (2:09:01 PM): But you must owe at least $120,000 in payroll
johnnyaimster (2:09:01 PM): that includes officers, other account payables etc.
Me (2:09:24 PM): on top of the money you owe the 4 windows developers from their contract
Me (2:09:40 PM): so really I doubt I will ever see any of the money I'm owed
johnnyaimster (2:10:10 PM): how much are you owed by the way
Me (2:10:21 PM): how are other account payables on the same footing as payroll?
johnnyaimster (2:10:22 PM): if you happen to know off the top of your head
Me (2:10:26 PM): at least $7500
johnnyaimster (2:10:30 PM): no they're not that's what i'm saying
Me (2:10:33 PM): maybe more if I am still on the payroll
Me (2:10:38 PM): but $7500 for sure
johnnyaimster (2:11:54 PM): howmany weeks is that
Me (2:11:58 PM): 3
johnnyaimster (2:12:19 PM): ok what is that gross or...
Me (2:12:23 PM): Gross
johnnyaimster (2:12:44 PM): ok so is that 2500/week?
Me (2:12:47 PM): Yes
johnnyaimster (2:13:04 PM): you made 2500/week?
Me (2:13:09 PM): Yes.
Me (2:13:14 PM): $65,000 / year
Me (2:13:21 PM): oh no
Me (2:13:26 PM): $2500/ 2 weeks
Me (2:13:30 PM): sorry
johnnyaimster (2:13:49 PM): right 3750 gross?
Me (2:14:00 PM): No, 7500 gross
Me (2:14:04 PM): 3 payroll periods
Me (2:14:10 PM): that's what I thought you meant
johnnyaimster (2:14:11 PM): oh then you mean 3 payperiods
Me (2:14:14 PM): right.
johnnyaimster (2:15:07 PM): checks due on aug10, aug 24 and...?
Me (2:15:52 PM): I worked several days in the week of Aug 20th
Me (2:16:03 PM): the week of Aug 13th I was begging for money from my mother
johnnyaimster (2:16:17 PM): oh man i'm sorry
Me (2:16:24 PM): I know
johnnyaimster (2:16:42 PM): right the first missed check was aug 12th or something
johnnyaimster (2:16:53 PM): then two weeks after that
Me (2:16:55 PM): August 10th
johnnyaimster (2:16:59 PM): right yes
johnnyaimster (2:17:03 PM): then the 24th
Me (2:17:11 PM): but the payroll was 2 weeks in arrears
johnnyaimster (2:17:28 PM): ah ok
johnnyaimster (2:17:53 PM): so then with that there should have been a check sept 6
Me (2:17:53 PM): So August 10th paid for the period 4 weeks ago to 2 weeks ago
Me (2:18:00 PM): I guess
Me (2:18:21 PM): whatever 4 weeks from August 10th was
johnnyaimster (2:18:53 PM): right ok...
johnnyaimster (2:21:01 PM): well ed will send the letter again just so you'll have it
Me (2:21:19 PM): Ok, I guess.
johnnyaimster (2:21:21 PM): sorry you didn't get it...he thought he sent it to everyone
johnnyaimster (2:21:31 PM): what e-mail address should he use
Me (2:21:32 PM): I don't know if my aimster email address still works
Me (2:21:37 PM):
johnnyaimster (2:21:41 PM): ok cool
johnnyaimster (2:22:31 PM): sorry about your situation
johnnyaimster (2:22:58 PM): are you going to be ok
Me (2:23:20 PM): Maybe, I have a couple of prospects.
Me (2:23:34 PM): but soon I will have really nowhere to live
Me (2:23:46 PM): the place we had in queens, they no longer want us to live there
johnnyaimster (2:23:55 PM): well i still hold you in high regard
Me (2:24:01 PM): Well that's nice.
johnnyaimster (2:24:01 PM): if you ever need a reference obviously
Me (2:24:11 PM): And that's it?
johnnyaimster (2:24:14 PM): sorry the feeling isn't mutual anymore
Me (2:24:39 PM): Well how are Aimster's prospects
johnnyaimster (2:24:40 PM): no i mean if we get back on our feet i'd still like to work with you
johnnyaimster (2:24:57 PM): well it's all i do everyday is try to make it work
Me (2:24:59 PM): Oh, yes I would still like to work with you but not like it was before
johnnyaimster (2:25:12 PM): right no i understand
Me (2:25:22 PM): at what point will you throw in the towel?
Me (2:25:36 PM): I mean, if you can't afford to pay developers it doesn't seem you can make much progress
johnnyaimster (2:25:50 PM): we're stuck with the software in its current state
Me (2:25:59 PM): Do you make any money off that store stuff you're doing?
Me (2:26:05 PM): or the donations?
johnnyaimster (2:26:14 PM): not yet...i'm still working on that
johnnyaimster (2:26:30 PM): we're going to put out a club aimster hopefully soon
Me (2:26:31 PM): How can you even afford to pay the rent? It must be extremely expensive there
johnnyaimster (2:26:39 PM): a premium service
johnnyaimster (2:26:46 PM): the rent is in equity
Me (2:26:48 PM): Well, I hope that works out
Me (2:26:55 PM): oh, that's good
Me (2:27:03 PM): And what about Abovenet?
johnnyaimster (2:27:08 PM): yes the ISP bills are accumulating
johnnyaimster (2:27:13 PM): that's the main problem
Me (2:27:22 PM): Abovenet's going to go bankrupt soon I think
johnnyaimster (2:27:32 PM): well we moved out of there
Me (2:27:34 PM): exodus already filed chapter 11
Me (2:27:37 PM): Oh
Me (2:27:59 PM): So everything is running of the computers in the office?
johnnyaimster (2:28:04 PM): yes
Me (2:28:13 PM): all the computers from abovenet are there now too?
johnnyaimster (2:28:24 PM): no we couldn't move them yet
Me (2:28:48 PM): Will they accept those machines as payment?
johnnyaimster (2:29:01 PM): i don't know but i hope it doesn't come to that
Me (2:29:28 PM): Don't you have your own money invested in Aimster?
johnnyaimster (2:29:28 PM): the aimster service is valuable we just haven't monetized it yet
johnnyaimster (2:29:41 PM): yes every last penny
johnnyaimster (2:29:43 PM): stupidly
Me (2:29:49 PM): yes but what kind of a demographic are you getting... people too cheap to even buy a CD?
Me (2:29:56 PM): well I am sorry to hear that
johnnyaimster (2:29:59 PM): that's why i couldn't even float you a loan when i knew you needed it
Me (2:30:30 PM): Well I don't really want to go after your personal assets
johnnyaimster (2:30:34 PM): i don't know the demographic...some of the promotions for products have gone pretty well
johnnyaimster (2:30:49 PM): well assets are only debts
Me (2:31:04 PM): Have you thought about selling the service to another one, like kazaa or whatever?
Me (2:31:10 PM): I know that feeling 😥
Me (2:31:20 PM): I haven't paid my student loans since july
johnnyaimster (2:31:34 PM): oh god
johnnyaimster (2:32:02 PM): how's your girlfriend taking it all
Me (2:32:07 PM): horribly
johnnyaimster (2:32:07 PM): if i can ask
Me (2:32:17 PM): she was suicidal for a while
Me (2:32:22 PM): extremely depressed
Me (2:32:25 PM): she is better now
Me (2:32:31 PM): but still depressed
johnnyaimster (2:32:41 PM): wow you have been through hell and back my friend
Me (2:32:51 PM): we were just about to get back on our feet when everything happened
Me (2:33:00 PM): well I don't think I am back yet
johnnyaimster (2:33:17 PM): true you have definitely had it the hardest of anyone here
johnnyaimster (2:33:37 PM): unfortunately while i keep in touch with everyone to see how they're doing
johnnyaimster (2:33:44 PM): i really have lost touch with you
johnnyaimster (2:33:59 PM): i never see you online for example
johnnyaimster (2:34:16 PM): you're on my buddylist as Me are you still that name?
Me (2:34:25 PM): Yes, sometimes
johnnyaimster (2:34:45 PM): well sorry i lost touch with's not because i didn't care
Me (2:35:03 PM): Well I have been avoiding you
Me (2:35:19 PM): to be completely honest
Me (2:35:34 PM): I was terrified and very angry
johnnyaimster (2:35:43 PM): yes and i assumed there wasn't a problem...
johnnyaimster (2:36:00 PM): that you had the place in queens and would be ok for a little while
Me (2:36:06 PM): yes, I guess I should have been more forthright when I left
Me (2:36:25 PM): well moving alone cost $500 that I didn't have
johnnyaimster (2:36:34 PM): damn i didn't think of that
Me (2:36:35 PM): we had to have lisa's mom wire us the money from florida
Me (2:36:59 PM): at least they let us out of the lease there
johnnyaimster (2:37:15 PM): oh that was one good break
Me (2:37:18 PM): yes
johnnyaimster (2:37:35 PM): i've had to borrow money from friends and family to make it through too
Me (2:37:39 PM): the management are nice people, just incompetent I guess
Me (2:37:46 PM): I also had to borrow $1100 from coworker
Me (2:38:02 PM): somehow I'll pay it back
johnnyaimster (2:38:04 PM): oh wow
johnnyaimster (2:38:11 PM): a friend in need is a friend indeed
Me (2:38:29 PM): lisa recently got some student loan money and we're paying the rent in queens with that right now
johnnyaimster (2:38:55 PM): plus it's such a tough time right now with the wtc tragedy
Me (2:39:04 PM): but I have the niagara mohawk and verizon and RR bills following me all over
Me (2:39:09 PM): yes, that was awful
johnnyaimster (2:39:44 PM): well we'll all get through it somehow
Me (2:39:53 PM): yes if we don't catch anthrax
Me (2:40:02 PM): that's just what I need
johnnyaimster (2:40:13 PM): we raised about almost 1000 for redcross through aimster
Me (2:40:15 PM): I'm in Manhattan right now
johnnyaimster (2:40:22 PM): oh cool
Me (2:40:23 PM): that's good
Me (2:40:39 PM): I just started working at a place last week
johnnyaimster (2:40:50 PM): there was an anthrax case in nyc today someone said?
johnnyaimster (2:41:00 PM): congratulations!
Me (2:41:13 PM): well they are just reporting it today but it happened sept 25th they said
Me (2:41:14 PM): thanks
johnnyaimster (2:41:26 PM): computer stuff?
Me (2:41:45 PM): Yes, PHP, HTML, Oracle, and all sorts of admin stuff
johnnyaimster (2:41:52 PM): neato
Me (2:41:59 PM): I was lucky to find it
johnnyaimster (2:42:09 PM): well and they were lucky to find you
Me (2:42:24 PM): well, we'll see how it goes
Me (2:42:36 PM): the pay is a lot less but hopefully there is room for advancement
johnnyaimster (2:43:18 PM): the pay scale here was not too shabby
Me (2:43:20 PM): But really, have you thought of selling Aimster to one of the other file sharing companies?
johnnyaimster (2:43:28 PM): and the work environment was great
Me (2:43:29 PM): no, the pay at aimster was excellent
johnnyaimster (2:43:38 PM): lots of freedom
Me (2:43:45 PM): yes, once we got the desks it was a nice place
johnnyaimster (2:43:54 PM): haha
Me (2:44:01 PM): those foldup tables sucked
johnnyaimster (2:44:13 PM): and it was creative and everyone was doing something
Me (2:44:15 PM): yes
johnnyaimster (2:44:19 PM): that could potentially make a difference
Me (2:44:29 PM): if all the stuff hadn't happened I would have loved to stay there
johnnyaimster (2:44:33 PM): look back on it and say that was an accomplishment
Me (2:44:41 PM): Yes, I am proud of Mac Aimster
Me (2:44:50 PM): too bad the last version we released was really buggy
johnnyaimster (2:44:54 PM): it's awesome
Me (2:44:56 PM): but oh well
johnnyaimster (2:45:26 PM): we're not dead though...we'll be back in it
johnnyaimster (2:45:39 PM): the other file-sharing services just got sued you know
johnnyaimster (2:45:42 PM): kazaa etc.
Me (2:45:42 PM): yeah
Me (2:46:05 PM): I read a thing that said aimster is #4
johnnyaimster (2:46:07 PM): they're going to shut down in a hurry i would guess
Me (2:46:23 PM): well not if RIAA does what they did with Aimster
Me (2:46:30 PM): put it off for years
johnnyaimster (2:46:37 PM): riaa already sued them in LA
Me (2:46:55 PM): well they already sued us too, didn't they?
johnnyaimster (2:46:57 PM): so the they'll move at lightning speed to get an injunction
johnnyaimster (2:47:03 PM): no w sued them in albany
Me (2:47:07 PM): oh right
johnnyaimster (2:47:15 PM): so our case is fact we just had great news on that
Me (2:47:23 PM): I wonder why those other people didn't do the same
Me (2:47:29 PM): oh really
johnnyaimster (2:47:32 PM): yesterday the 2nd circuit court of appeals upheld judge kahn's decision
johnnyaimster (2:47:38 PM): and said the case should be in albany
Me (2:47:40 PM): ahh, thats good
johnnyaimster (2:47:47 PM): yes that's huge for us
Me (2:47:57 PM): well, let them keep fighting over where to hold it
johnnyaimster (2:48:12 PM): it was even a summary no written decision
johnnyaimster (2:48:18 PM): total slam dunk
Me (2:48:26 PM): what happened to your deal with citibank and boies schiller?
johnnyaimster (2:48:40 PM): well i dont' want to sound like a whiner
johnnyaimster (2:48:50 PM): but the wtc tragedy totally postponed it
johnnyaimster (2:49:04 PM): citigroup was turned into an emergency rescue center for a month
Me (2:49:10 PM): oh wow
johnnyaimster (2:49:17 PM): and they're just getting back now
johnnyaimster (2:49:37 PM): same with the law firm which was in manhattan...postponed everything
johnnyaimster (2:49:58 PM): the consequences of that disaster were really widespread
Me (2:50:01 PM): well that sucks for you
Me (2:50:07 PM): yeah the whole economy tanked
johnnyaimster (2:50:07 PM): yes for us
Me (2:50:22 PM): well it sucks for everybody I mean
johnnyaimster (2:50:25 PM): and so the capital call was postponed when the stock market tanked
johnnyaimster (2:50:46 PM): but we were fortunate compared to the real victims of the wtc
Me (2:50:46 PM): yeah I guess they don't want to go investing millions right now
Me (2:50:49 PM): yes
Me (2:51:07 PM): I go through penn station every day on my way to work
johnnyaimster (2:51:08 PM): although you were pretty hard hit too
johnnyaimster (2:51:18 PM): oh really?
Me (2:51:23 PM): well my problems had nothing to do with wtc
Me (2:51:40 PM): yeah, there is a huge wall with the victims' pictures
Me (2:51:51 PM): and national guard and police everywhere
johnnyaimster (2:52:04 PM): yes everything is different now isn't it
Me (2:52:12 PM): Yes
Me (2:52:26 PM): I think America will emerge stronger
Me (2:52:35 PM): it sounds like a cliche but I think it will be true
johnnyaimster (2:52:50 PM): yes although i'm a little worried about big brother becoming stronger
Me (2:52:53 PM): at least we have a purpose this time unlike vietnam
johnnyaimster (2:52:58 PM): all these searches now are becoming routine
Me (2:52:59 PM): yes, that is stupid
Me (2:53:11 PM): outlawing encryption
Me (2:53:18 PM): I'm sure the terrorists will obey the law
Me (2:53:23 PM): stupid politicians
Me (2:53:41 PM): anyway, I have to get back to work
johnnyaimster (2:53:51 PM): oh ok great to talk to you
Me (2:54:04 PM): let me know if aimster gets back on its feet
johnnyaimster (2:54:19 PM): i'll keep you up to date on everything from now on
Me (2:54:22 PM): Ok
Me (2:54:26 PM): Just cc: me in emails
johnnyaimster (2:54:28 PM): sorry for losing touch
johnnyaimster (2:54:30 PM): ok
Me (2:54:42 PM): ok, bye bye
johnnyaimster (2:54:48 PM): bye

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