Ah well

The NYS department of labor is completely useless. I fund them with my tax dollars and they apparently go out of their way to not help me. They first found a way to screw me out of my unemployment, then told me they wouldn’t help me get the money Aimster owes me because I grossed over $600/week.

Anyhow, things seem to be going better in the rest of my life. Christmas is just around the corner and I basically haven’t paid any of my bills and instead bought christmas presents. Yeah, totally irresponsible of me, but my credit is already complete shit due to Aimster, so I really don’t care at this point.

The animosity I feel towards John, Bill Duker, and the rest of the Aimster execs hasn’t decreased much over the past few months. But after the department of labor refused to help me I was sort of at a loss. I don’t have the money to spend on a lawyer so it seems that at this point in time I’m just going to have to deal with this. Which of course sucks big time. But like I said, there’s not much I can do. I’ll look into contacting the NYS attorney general someday, but this time of year sucks.

Additionally, this company is comprised of the worst gaggle of idiots and crooks you’ll ever encounter. They take your money, do half a job, then when you ask them for help so that you can finish the other half yourself (remember, you paid them to do the whole thing!) they refuse and say it’s a technical support issue. Trust me on this. They are completely incompetent. Their website is filled with lies, such as their claim to have created some “ImageServer” technology. Their “ImageServer technology” is just ImageMagick.

On the brighter side, my girlfriend appears to have gotten a job which will apparently start in January, so hooray! Maybe now we can afford to live above ground! We’ve been living in a basement for quite some time, and it’s really getting to us both.

And also, Castle Wolfenstein is the best game in years. I command you to get it!

Merry Christmas, Chappy Chanukah, and… well, fuck Kwanzaa, it’s fake anyway. Chanukah too. Ok, Christmas too. Happy presnt-giving-day(s)! And Happy New Year!

Here’s what the American people should get for Christmas, since it’s been taken away recently. Adios!

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