February 7, 2005

I’m at work. I’m writing some code.

I think I want to be a chef. I made chicken quesadillas last night. It was something I’d wanted to do for a while but I had no idea how to prepare the chicken. I mean, a quesadilla is a simple thing to make – it’s cheese between two flour tortillas. But if you want to add chicken, then how to you prepare it? I mean, you don’t throw raw chicken in there and cooking it without seasoning would make it taste assy. I ended up marinating it in some generic Seven Seas Robusto Italian dressing and chopping it up and using it like that. I used 2 chicken breasts to make 3 big quesadillas, and it was good. If I’d had the right cheese I bet they woulda been awesome (had slices of regular American cheese instead of shredded Monterey Jack like recommended).

I swear I get a greater sense of accomplishment from cooking than I ever did from any job I ever had. I should open a restaurant. But then I’d probably eat everything. :-\ I want to open a Boston Market or an Arby’s, or maybe just a diner.

But for now I have to be content with typing into a computer all day. At least at this job I have a window through which to look. New York City is interesting to look at too.

I’m even including a “Now playing” link so Xanga can get some money. This is kind of a neat concept I guess, integrating with the Amazon webservices stuff.

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