Monday, February 28, 2005

First let me say, TP on.

This weekend we had no car at all so we were basically stranded in the house. Which was fine really. I have no problem staying in the house, I figure if I’m paying that much in rent, the longer I stay in the house the more I’m getting my money’s worth.

It’s depressing looking at the housing market in New York. Regular shitty houses are going for like half a mil. It’s depressing because you have to accept the fact that you will never be able to afford a home where you’ve grown up and spent your entire life. I was thinking I could get my parents’ house but I imagine the capital gains tax alone on that would be obscene.

The idea of moving somewhere else to be able to afford something is kind of frightening. How do you get a job in, say, North Carolina when you’re living in NY? Do people really hire over the phone etc? It’s all really weird, and the situation is made worse by the fact that I don’t want to live anywhere besides New York. I am tired of living in Queens and Nassau though… I want to live where I grew up. But what they say is really true, you can’t go home again. I can remember when the corner of Main Street and Hampton Road in Southampton didn’t have shops on it (I’m talking about the SE corner I think, across the street from Saks). My mom used to take us to Sip N’ Soda all the time, and I would always get a hot dog and a chocolate milk. Sometimes we’d sit at the counter. She’d order a hamburger extremely rare, and if it was too well done she’d go yell at the cook. Then I would go to Poremba’s and look at all the various car shit. My dermatologist, Dr. Weinberg was across the street; I always thought he looked a lot like my aunt.

No point to all this. Just procrastinating.

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