March 1, 2005

Ok this day is starting out really super. I wake up to my alarm clock blaring, interrupting a dream in which somebody was yelling at me that “The database connection is DOWN! It’s DOWN, man!” But I don’t think the guy meant down as in like, defunct, he just meant it was down, like, “man the database connection is really down with it.” I don’t know what that means. But I do know that I was fucking exhausted when I woke up. I sat in the shower for like 10 minutes hoping the water would thaw my eyelids open but it didn’t work. I got dressed, and went outside to shovel the step and the driveway. The guy who lives downstairs loaned me his snow shovel which was a lot better than mine, and man this thing cuts ice like nobody’s bidness. So I got the sidewalk cleared and I looked around, and none of my neighbors had cleared their sidewalks. Whatever.

So I head over to the train, which, remarkably, was actually on time despite the snow. Change in Jamaica was really super, my normal express to Penn Station wasn’t there, so I had to walk from one end of the train to the stairs up to the newly redesigned, completely fecal looking platform, then wait for them to announce a track. Oh, track 1! Joy. So I go down to track 1 and of course the fucking thing is packed. I go alllllllllll the way down to the other end of the train to find a place to stand. The train sits on the track for about 10 minutes with the bell ringing like the doors are closing, but they don’t. So I’m standing in the train in Jamaica with the doors open.

Crap, work to do. I’ll finish the story later.

(11 hours later)

Ok so I was standing on the train in Jamaica. Finally the train moves out of the station and we head to Woodside (it wasn’t an express like my normal train). We get to Woodside and the conductor gets on the PA saying, “Due to a disabled train in one of the tunnels, we STRONGLY suggest that if you can take the 7 train to your destination, you do so.” So, like, I can take a hint. I get off the train along with 500 other people and trudge up to the 7 train (yay for having an emergency MetroCard, I think it expires this year though and has $20 on it ). I’m not really a subway person so I had no idea really where to go, but since my office is on 5th avenue, I got off at 42nd and 5th and walked the rest of the way, which was fine. So I got to work like an hour late.

The day got somewhat better after noon; I solved a minor problem that was caused by someone else’s shitty programming. I had an Italian hero which was pretty good except for the fact that they used regular huge onions on it instead of those purple ones (Vidalia?) that you expect to see on an Italian hero.

I also found out that one of my banks, Bank One, is merging with Chase. That’s kind of surprising; I hadn’t heard anything about that until their message. When Fleet merged with Bank of America I knew about it right away. Bank One has a decent web interface for checking your account, but they also charged me $39.00 for a late payment… asses.

It’s 9:10 PM right now and I’m waiting for my WoW server to come back up. These guys could learn a lot from Sony in the ways of making a scalable game infrastructure.

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