Apocryphal post #4

This is not a “blog.” I hate that term and always have. This is just my page, which I update manually by SSHing to this box and typing all this text in vi. I don’t use any fancy schmancy “content management” stuff, that’s for newbs.

So Christmas has come and gone, I got an Xbox (not 360, which is crap). I used a soft-mod tutorial on it because I have no interest in playing Microsoft’s crappy offerings, and I’m cheap. So I put Xbox Media Center on it and a bunch of emulators, and relived the joy of The Legend of Zelda for NES on my Xbox. I got up to level 5 in a couple of hours. I got a few other emulators running on it, including Xenesis and Surreal64, and I played Zelda64 for a bit as well, though the emulator does some weird stuff with the graphics.

I also decided to put up this Amazon affiliat store crap that I wrote a long time ago that’s just been rotting on my repository machine. Maybe I can make some side cash this way! Some recommended products:

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