I abandoned WoW

WoW got boring so I let my subscription expire again. Rogue was an amazing class to play through Burning Crusade but with Lich King the game got pretty stupid and while Wintergrasp was awesome, it got boring too, so Khal is in mothballs again. I picked up my druid a bit but that got repetitive too – I’d just get to 80 and the same thing would happen.

I guess that was painless.

It was pretty easy to copy and paste the old posts into here, and the ability to set the “publish” date was nice, I was afraid I’d have to go in and set the dates manually in the db.

I guess using WordPress makes me a hypocrite since I said I’d never have a “blog”, but when you manually edit HTML in vi, updates are rare. I think the only person who is going to read this is my mother, and that’s fine too.

The old page is still up here; going to http://www.evanhoffman.com now will 302 you to WordPress now.

I wonder if it will improve my search-engine rank to have this site in WordPress now… Time will tell!