Converting FLAC to MP3

I downloaded a couple of albums in FLAC format the other day and wanted to convert them to MP3.  I found a couple of ways to do this, with the most trivial seeming to be FLAC -> WAV and then WAV->MP3, since there are plenty of tools to do WAV -> MP3.  But, being lazy, I didn’t want to have to re-enter the ID3 info for each of the tracks.  After a couple of minutes of searching I found foobar2000 which has a nifty convert function. The included MP3 presets, however, were not to my liking. Namely they were both Joint Stereo. I know there’s some debate in audiophile circles about Joint Stereo and lots of people claim it’s fine, but I don’t like it, and if it’s a matter of a couple of extra kB in a file to ensure I don’t hear weird warbling then that’s a small price to pay. To setup my own preset I had to get an executable copy of LAME. CDex comes with LAME but it’s in a .dll which doesn’t work. Fortunately I found lame.exe on this Audacity download site and I was able to specify the command-line options to lame.exe to encode the tracks exactly how I wanted. So now, after having lost the discs (which I purchased) years ago, I again have Electric Ladyland and The Wall. Yay!

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