“My daddy is a great big giant!”

I can’t help but feel people will be underwhelmed when they finally meet me after this kind of a build up. I’m flattered though.

The fan in the bedroom burst into flames tonight and Anthony was terrified, so he got to spend the rest of the night downstairs while we watched TV.

I should be sleeping. I finished StarCraft Zerg mission 6 tonight. Now that I got the hang of the ctrl-groups it was pretty easy, I had an armada of 24 mutalisks, 12 guardians, and 12 hydralisks. I picked up StarCraft a couple of days after my WoW sub ran out and I haven’t missed WoW at all. I know 3.1 is out now but until I see some massive nerfs for DKs it’s not worth even considering going back, though as sick as it sounds, I do feel bad for my rogue. If you’ve never played an MMO you wouldn’t understand.

On another note, I guess this WordPress thing has worked out pretty well so far.

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