Adventures in telephony

I’d resolved to get an iPhone a while back. It seemed to be the hands-down winner for online web browsing. My BlackBerry Pearl lost its trackball around 8 or 9 months ago and due to that experience I wanted a phone with no moving parts. I’d narrowed it down to the Nokia E71x or the iPhone. Well, I got an E71x after determining that the iPhone’s battery life to be too short.

As it turns out, AT&T added so much garbage to the E71x (as compared to the unlocked E71) that I felt like I didn’t even own it, despite paying $100 for it. There were at least two GPS-related apps that I clicked on that informed me I would be charged a monthly fee (one was $2.99 and the other $9.99 monthly) unless I went to some URL on my PC and cancelled. I attempted to delete these apps from the phone but that was apparently forbidden, even through the Nokia PC suite app. Another bother was that the inbox only showed 4 items at a time. On the E71 you can change it so that each inbox item only takes up 1 line, but on the E71x that option was missing. It was also difficult to know which connection each application was using – 802.11 or the 3G network.

Well anyway, to make a short story shorter, after one day I returned the E71x and got an iPhone.

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