Migrating RT from mysql to postgresql.

So I wanted to move our old RT 3.6 system to a new VM running a clean CentOS 5.3 x86 install and RT 3.8. I got RT installed but the 3.6 system was running on MySQL, which sucks (still), and I wanted to move it to Postgres, which rules (more and more each day). So Googling for “migrate rt from mysql to postgresql” brought me here. I tried the procedure listed there but it wasn’t quite working for me. my2pg.pl and mysql2postgresql.perl both caused segfaults when I tried to run them. I realized I was on my own, and it wasn’t really that bad.

I got the DB mostly imported by doing this:

mysqldump -p --complete-insert rt3 --extended-insert=false --compatible=postgresql --compact -t --default-character-set=UTF8 --user=root > helpdesk-mysql.dump.sql

Gzip the .sql file and upload to the new server. Once there I run this to convert the escaped quotes to Postgres format and strip the quotes from the table name (e.g. INSERT INTO “ACL” …):

perl -i -npe 's/^INSERT INTO "(\w+)"/INSERT INTO \L$1/; '"s/,'/,E'/g;" helpdesk-mysql.dump.sql

Then the problem I had was that all of the column names in the insert were wrapped in quotes. I wrote this Perl script to strip them (maybe it can be done in a one-liner but my Perl-fu isn’t that good 😦 )


use strict;
use warnings;

while () {
#       INSERT INTO acl ("id", "PrincipalType", "PrincipalId", "RightName", "ObjectType", "ObjectId", "DelegatedBy", "DelegatedFrom") VALUES (6,E'Group',41,E'AdminGroup',E'RT::System',1,0,0);
        if ($_  =~ m/^INSERT INTO (\w+) \(([ \w\"\,]+)\) VALUES (.+)/) {

                my $table = $1;
                my $cols = $2;
                my $data = $3;

                $cols =~ s/\"//g;       # remove double-quotes from column names

                print "INSERT INTO $table ($cols) VALUES $data\n";
        else {
                print $_;

I then piped that right into psql:

psql -Upostgres rt_db out.txt

That did generate some errors about duplicate key constraints being violated, so I still have some work to do on it, but it seems ok overall. Tickets showed up in RT and I was able to make a new one, though I did have to set the currval() for each sequence via the queries listed in the blog post from himdel.

Edit: I should add that the destination DB should be created by running the “make initialize-database” command in the RT directory. If there are any errors in the restore process, run “make dropdb” and then just “make initialize-database” again to recreate it pristine.

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