Oops… sorry FiOS, I'm sticking with Cablevision.

Well that didn’t take long. I got a call this afternoon from the same Cablevision rep I spoke with to talk about cancelling after I signed up for FiOS. Apparently they received Verizon’s request to port my number over and learned I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to move to FiOS. And good news! I can now qualify for the Optimum Triple Play again!

The price Cablevision offered today was better than the $123 or whatever they stated last time I spoke to them, but I brought up that Verizon is offering 25/15, and I was getting like 8/2 at home. To compensate they added in Boost, which they couldn’t give me for free, but they did lower the price to $9.95/month, and she was able to give me the DVR for free. I said forget about the 2nd cable box (since with CV I can just plug in to the existing coax for additional TVs if needed – with Verizon being all digital you need a STB for each TV) and the final price came to around $109.

FiOS would potentially have been cheaper after factoring all the credits and the gift cards, but with Cablevision I didn’t have to do anything – no “unknown.” I didn’t even have to do anything to get Boost – I thought I’d have to get a different cablemodem, but they just logged in remotely and flipped a switch and now I get 25+ mbps down.

Sure, I bet some things would be better with FiOS, but for the time being I’ll stick with Cablevision. I got a 12-month price lock, so I guess a year from now I’ll have to start shopping again. I was all set to switch too – I figured it would take a few months before Cablevision started trying to woo me back, but I’m glad they took the smarter approach and never let me leave. I got a nice savings and a great speed boost (no pun intended) out of the deal. I do kind of feel bad for the FiOS rep I’d been speaking with though, she was really nice and I had her on the phone for almost an hour when I signed up.

Optimum Boost speed test, 2009-12-02 from Long Island
Optimum Boost speed test, 2009-12-02 from Long Island

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