Windows XP guests hang on shutdown in VMware Workstation on Linux

I had this problem with FC11, where I couldn’t properly shut down or suspend the Windows XP VM I run (mostly for Outlook). When I’d shutdown inside the guest, it would mostly do what you’d expect, but then the screen would go blue, then black, and then the only way I could get the thing to exit was to kill the pid of vmware-vmx (or a ‘killall vmware-vmx’). I solved it somehow by removing some RPM, but when I went to FC12 the other day it came back, and I couldn’t remember how I’d fixed it initially. I Googled for nearly a full day before I found the original blog post that told me which RPMs to remove – for some reason I thought it was fprintd, but it was something else completely. Here’s the original post, and when I just read it I was going to comment on it to say thanks for posting it, but apparently I did that already. Anyway, I removed pcsc-lite again and everything appears to be good now.

3 Replies to “Windows XP guests hang on shutdown in VMware Workstation on Linux”

  1. Hi Evan. I also had trouble using VMWare ws 6 on Windows 7. I removed the cd/dvd player device from the vm and viola – everything is now ok.

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