Microsoft Office 2007's awful user interface

Office 2007 is pretty old by now, and I know much has been written on the move from a “normal” looking app to the “Ribbon” UI. I personally hate the change and feel Microsoft just changed the UI as a way to make the application look “different” so that people will look at it and go “oooh, shiny!” and not feel as bad about being forced into another $400 upgrade of a word processor. Sure, Excel’s row limit was finally raised beyond 64k, and I’m sure there were some other tweaks, but .docx? .xlsx? Yet more file formats, ensuring most businesses will feel compelled to upgrade. If your clients are upgrading, you’re going to have to.

Anyway, that’s all well documented. What may not be is the ridiculous location of the SMTP header info in a message in Outlook. If you want to view this interserver communication, which is invaluable when debugging mail issues, you can either A) right-click the message in the inbox, or B) … Well, in Office 2003, there was a way to do this from within the open message. I didn’t think there was a way to do it from within the message in Outlook 2007, but it turns out there is. It’s just retarded:


Dear Microsoft: please drop the “Ribbon” completely and go back to menus, or at least provide that as an option. This UI is awful.

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