Long email signatures amuse me.

Putting a glossary in your emails is a new one for me. Not really a bad idea if you deal with lots of industry-specific terminology and lots of non-industry people.

From: Clickatell SC [noreply@clickatell.com]
Sent: Sunday, September 12, 2010 1:04 AM
To: Evan D. Hoffman
Subject: Clickatell System Alert

Dear Clickatell Client,

(Blah Blah Blah)

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


+27 21 910 7700 (South Africa)
+1 650 641 0011 (US)
+44 20 7060 0212 (UK)
+61 290 371 951 (Australia)



Our Vision
Connecting the world through any message, anywhere.


-Mobile originated (MO): A message sent (originating) from a mobile handset to an application via Clickatell.

-Mobile terminated (MT): A message sent from an application to (terminating on) a mobile handset via Clickatell.

-Premium rated message (MO): A mobile user is charged a premium for the message that they send to a particular short or long code. This service is not available in all regions; please contact an Account Manager for more information.

-Revenue share: This refers to the portion of the premium charge associated with a premium rated message, which is passed on to the content provider.

-Content provider: This is the Clickatell customer who is offering one or more services that are usually premium rated SMS system.

-Customer: A registered Clickatell customer utilising the Clickatell API for message delivery and receipt.

-Sender ID: The “from” address that appears on the user’s handset. This is also known as the message originator or source address. A Sender ID must be registered within your account and approved by us before it may be used.

-Destination address: The mobile number/MSISDN of the handset to which the message must be delivered. The number should be in international number format, e.g. country code + local mobile number, excluding the leading zero (0).

-Source address: The Sender ID or From address of the SMS.

-Short code: A short number which is common across all the operators for a specific region.

-Subscriber: The mobile network subscriber who owns the mobile number (MSISDN) which will send or receive SMSs, or be billed for premium rated services.

-Upstream gateway: A network operator, third party or our own short message service centre (SMSC).

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