Setting up InspIRCd as an internal IRC server for companywide chat

I got this idea (from this blog post) that it would be cool and great if we had an IRC server to facilitate communication within our team.  I started checking out some different IRC servers to see which ones supported the main features I wanted (LDAP auth & SSL).  I started out with ratbox but I didn’t really like it.  I found InspIRCd and after some config tweaking it’s working well.  Here’s the info from modules.conf for authentication against Active Directory (so people login with their AD usernames):
<module name="">
<ldapauth baserdn="OU=Users,DC=did"
killreason="LDAP auth failed"
Here’s the configure line (since I had to build from source):
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/inspircd --enable-gnutls --uid 101 --enable-extras=m_ldapauth.cpp --enable-extras=m_ldapoper.cpp

I still have some more customization to do to make ChanServ work, but since this is internal I don’t know if that even matters.  Also I can’t seem to get SSL working – I tried compiling with –enable-openssl but that failed, so I went with –enable-gnutls, which worked, but I can’t connect via ircs:// in my client.  If it looks like people are interested in this I may fix it up, but I have a feeling most people won’t be as enthused about it as I am.


6 Replies to “Setting up InspIRCd as an internal IRC server for companywide chat”

  1. I am not sure what kind of business you do (have not read through all of the posts yet, stumbled upon this and liking it), but why not setup a openfire server so you get xmpp im chats + group chats?

    1. We actually have an Openfire server for internal chat, but I thought IRC would be a fun “retro” way to chat among the team. Though since I set it up, nobody’s used it. Also, since the office was recently reorganized, everyone now sits right next to each other, so there’s no real need for group chat anyway.

  2. Great article ! Could you give a hint how did you test this in the client side ?

    I am trying to connect using mIrc, but I keep getting disconnected. Looking at /var/log/inspircd.log, I get “Tue Feb 4 10:13:32 2014: CONNECT: Forbidden connection from !@ (LDAP search returned no results: Success)” when I try to use “”


    “Tue Feb 4 10:24:45 2014: CONNECT: Forbidden connection from !@ (LDAP search returned no results: Success)

    Here is my setup

  3. I cannot get this to work. I can connect via ldapsearch and see results but I get this error in the log:

    Mon Jun 30 22:09:13 2014: CONNECT: Forbidden connection from gdanko! (LDAP search failed: Operations error)

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