Chaos theory and Google’s crawler

I’ve been moderately perplexed by the recent spike in traffic on basically unrelated keywords. Apparently this site is currently the #5 result for “fedora 15 beta download” despite my having never written about Fedora 15. In an attempt to funnel people to a useful page I created the previous post with links to the FC 15 ISOs. I feel bad if people come here looking for an answer that’s not to be found.

In looking into this issue I searched Google for the keywords and saw this: is blockable is blockable

There’s a “Block all results” link under my site, but there’s none under any of the other sites. What the hell? Does my site somehow qualify as a spammer or content farm? Why do I get this dubious distinction? Ugh.

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    1. I noticed the “Recent Google Searches” widget kept resetting itself and I guess that included the “nofollow” option I’d selected, basically telling crawlers not to follow those links. I’ll see if I can just edit the plugin and hardcode the nofollow in there.

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