Amazon knows customer service.

I bought the latest Green Day album for $5. After downloading and playing it I realized I was listening to a censored version of the album. I didn’t think there was much recourse since it was an MP3 download, and there’s no way to “return” it. But I figured it was worth a try anyway. The worst that could happen is they say no. I started a chat session and to my surprise, they refunded my purchase price within 5 minutes! That’s what I call service.

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Me:I didn’t realize the album I purchased was censored. The uncensored version is this one, which is the one I want instead:
Snow:Hi there, Evan ! My name is Snow, and I would be happy to help you with this issue.
This will take just a few moments to look into. 🙂
Me:Hello SNow
Snow:I am sorry about the confusion with that order,Evan . I have it refunded for you so you can get the version you had meant to. I also sent a confirmation of your refund to your email address associated with your Amazon account.
Me:Wow, that’s great. Thanks so much.
Snow:What that leaves now is just reordering from that link above.
You are super welcome! I have gotten the wrong album on accident as well! It’s never good to hear Green Day censored. 🙂
Me:Haha. It is such a great price too this week, $5 for the album. But when all the curses were bleeped out I was sad and realized I must have bought the wrong version.
Thanks again for your help!
Snow:You are very welcome ! I am glad I could help! Thank you for shopping with Amazon!

I realize $5 is nothing to a company like Amazon, and a happy customer is worth a lot more than that, but this was still a great experience overall.

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