Sleepy’s is awesome, part two

A couple months ago I was contacted by Sleepy’s in regards to a complaint I made on Twitter about my bed (detailed in this post). This past weekend we were finally able to go visit a Sleepy’s showroom and follow up on the offer Sleepy’s made me. On Saturday we went to the showroom in East Meadow and were greeted by Michael, one of the salesmen there.

We gave him the short version of our story and he steered us to some nice mattresses. We looked at the price and my eyes almost popped out of my head… I wasn’t looking to spend $3000+ on a mattress. We let him know our price range and he showed us a few other options. We tested them out for almost an hour and ended up going with a Simmons Beautyrest. We sat down and he called Karen (the woman from Sleepy’s HQ who originally contacted me) and they worked out a pretty nice deal. In addition to full credit for my ‘defective’ mattress, I got a nice discount on the new one, discounted delivery, and free removal of my old mattress and box springs, and I only had to pay the difference. The only sticking point was that they insisted I get the box springs for the new mattress. I felt our existing foundations were in fine shape but they really pressed me on this. Finally I relented – the box foundations were really old, and while they looked ok to the eye, I had no idea how to tell what condition they really were in. They convinced me though, and we were able to get delivery the next day, Sunday. We scheduled delivery for 1-5 PM and the delivery guys showed up at about 12:50 on Sunday. When they took our old mattress out I looked at the old foundations and realized they were in much worse shape than I had thought. After seeing them I was glad they persuaded me to replace them.

It’s been almost a week with the new mattress and so far it’s been great. It’s far more comfortable than our old mattress. I haven’t had the back pain that the old mattress gave me, and I can’t explain how nice it is not to have the huge styrofoam wall running down the center of the mattress.

So basically I just want to thank Sleepy’s, and Karen and Michael in particular, for the way they handled this. I generally subscribe to caveat emptor – if you buy something and it sucks, it’s your fault for picking wrong. Sleepy’s really impressed me, and I’m really grateful for that. And Sleepy’s made me into a customer for life.

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