Mac Drivers for the HooToo USB-Ethernet adaptor

I bought this HooToo USB-Ethernet dongle about a year ago for a vacation and never bothered trying out the wired Ethernet functionality until tonight.  I was dismayed to learn that it didn’t work without a driver, and having long since lost the disc it came with (nevermind that my MacBook Pro has no disc drive) I tried to find drivers online.  HooToo’s website is garbage and they don’t even mention this device at all on the site.  After some more extensive digging, I found a product on Amazon that looks identical to mine but with different branding.  On that page the seller states that the device uses the “ax88179” chipset.  Googling for that led me to this page, which has the Mac driver right on it.  I installed the driver, rebooted, and now have USB-to-Ethernet so I can copy from my laptop to desktop at Gig-ish speeds!  Yay.


6 Replies to “Mac Drivers for the HooToo USB-Ethernet adaptor”

  1. For the HooToo 8-in-1 USB C Hub HT-UC009, I was able to find instructions in the manual found at

    Driver Installation
    For the Ethernet port use, this hub is plug-and-play and requires no driver for Windows 8.1 or higher, Mac OS 10.9 or higher version, or Unix.
    For other operation system versions, please go to this link, download and install the driver:

    It turned out I did not need a driver and just needed to add a network interface on macOS Mojave (10.14.6).

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