Day 5 post-op: taking a shower

I’ve always been a big fan of hot showers. I used to use up all the hot water every day when I was a kid. Not being able to take a shower post-op has been one of the more harrowing aspects of this ordeal.  Fortunately, there’s the Curad cast protector. Basically, it’s a plastic bag you slide over your leg and cast, enabling you to take a shower without getting the thing wet. It’s not easy, but at least it’s possible. Also, highly recommend a shower stool or something similar. I don’t know how else you can possibly shower with only one leg.  It’s enough of an ordeal that I don’t know if I’ll be able to do every day anytime soon, but at least it lets me feel like a normal human being.

One thing I don’t (yet) have in my shower, but wish I did, is one of those safety bars. Once you find yourself needing one of these, it’s hard to understand why all showers don’t have one.  I find myself doing a lot of unsafe balancing on one leg or holding on to the shower fixture or other less-than-stable things. I can balance on one leg, but balancing on one leg in a soapy shower is a different story.

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