Day 10 post-op: got the stitches out

Today was my first followup visit with the surgeon after the surgery.  Apparently everything is going well.  He took the stitches out, but said the wound isn’t completely closed at the very bottom, so no getting it wet for a while. He gave me the Thompson test again and a couple other evals and said the tension was back in the tendon. Still can’t put any weight on it for another couple weeks.  He took the dressing and cast off and wrapped it in an ace bandage and then had me put the boot back on.  Not much to report, but I guess it’s good news, all things considered.

Some pics below, sorry if they’re gross.



One Reply to “Day 10 post-op: got the stitches out”

  1. I just got through surgery too. I had my post-op yesterday. The removed cysts are cancer free. 😊 Unfortunately the doctor found another spot on my arm that needs to be removed ☹️quickly— so back again on August 22nd. I see it as preventative maintenance—stop it in its tracks early. 👊🏼✋🚨🛡
    I’m jibber-jabbering!! Your surgery spot looks ever so fragile. You will be in my thoughts!!
    Best of Luck to you!!

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