Day 38 post-op: no more wedges

Had my “6 week” followup with the surgeon today.  38 days isn’t really 6 weeks, but due to some scheduling issues this is as close as I can get. He took off the last strip of tape on the incision and declared that healed.  Most of the scabbing has fallen off and it there’s just a scar there right now.

He had me remove the last wedge from the boot, and also had me stand on the floor without the boot on for the first time.  It felt a little weird, but no pain.  It definitely felt tight if I bent my knee a bit, and he said it looked like there was noticeable loss of muscle mass in the left leg as well.

He said I can stand in the shower now, which is a relief, but I can’t move the ankle past 90 degrees.  He wrote me a prescription for physical therapy and said to follow up with him in 6 weeks, so I won’t see him again until October.

Pic from this morning (pre-doctor) below.

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