Day 77 post-op: 11-week doctor’s visit

This Monday, October 1st, marked eleven weeks since I had surgery to repair my ruptured Achilles tendon. At my follow up visit with the surgeon, he looked at the incision scar and seemed impressed at how well it’s healed. He said this is how it usually looks for patients after a year of healing.  I guess there’s no way to know how much of that is just how my body heals and how much is due to my physical therapist working the scar tissue with his IASTM torture device (joking).

Overall he said it looked great. My next follow up is in January. He said I should continue with physical therapy for another month, but I can basically wean myself out of the boot over the next week. My plan to wean myself is essentially just not wear the boot. Today (Wednesday) I went back to work for the first time without a boot. I just got on the LIRR headed home and it’s definitely been a different experience. It’s the most bootless walking I’ve done since the surgery. My gait is shorter and I walk much slower than I used to, and running is completely out. A lot of tightness in my left calf, despite plenty of stretching all day, but no pain really.

I don’t think I’m ready to go back to the office full time, but 2 days a week seems doable, and working the muscle seems like the only way to strengthen and loosen it.

Hopefully I’ll go back to work 3 days next week, 4 the week after, and then full time by the end of October.

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