.jobs domains – $120/year?

I saw that Cablevision has www.cablevision.jobs as the link for its jobs page. Curious, I looked up how much a .jobs domain cost. GoDaddy has them for $119! That’s insane!


FiOS Ping Test

Ran a ping test at pingtest.net today. Overall I can’t find fault with the FiOS service so far. Port 80 and 443 are open and I have them forwarded to my Linux box so I can actually run a webserver in my basement. I’m debating moving this domain over to my own linux box, since it’s super low traffic, but I probably won’t.

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Cablevision drops HGTV, Food Network, and Travel Channel??

Boy, good thing I left Cablevision when I did… HGTV is my wife’s favorite channel.

In a separate case, the owner of the Food Network and HGTV, Scripps Networks, removed its channels from Cablevision’s lineups on Friday, a consequence of a breakdown in talks between those two parties.

“Viewers love our talent and our shows, which is why Food Network and HGTV rank among the top networks in cable,” Kenneth W. Lowe, the chief executive of Scripps Networks Interactive, said in a statement Friday morning. “But our valuable networks simply are not being compensated like top 10 networks by Cablevision. The distribution rates Cablevision pays for Food and HGTV are among the lowest in the industry.”

The dispute may linger for some time; Cablevision said it had “no expectation of carrying their programming again, given the dramatic changes in their approach to working with distributors to reach television viewers.”

Source: NY Times and the HGTV website.

Single sign-on with Linux clients and Active Directory LDAP, Part 1

One project we’ve been working on for a while is single sign-on across all our servers and other services (e.g. SVN repository, a few other things). One thing I wanted to avoid, I guess for mostly religious reasons, was reliance on a Windows instance for any of our production environment. The logical part of my brain knows that people build huge websites with Windows farms and AD, but my gut still doesn’t trust it. So what I wanted to do was setup OpenLDAP as a “slave” to an Active Directory “master” and have all the LDAP info propagate over the slave whenever any changes were made in the master. I’ve done this with DNS – setup Bind as a slave to an AD server and everything basically works as I expect in a Bind-Bind master/slave scenario. Well, it turns out that it doesn’t work like that when it comes to LDAP. Apparently AD doesn’t follow the RFC for LDAP (surprise!) so many things that would be expected to work with OpenLDAP won’t.

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FiOS it is.

Fios was installed today. Took longer than expected but I guess it went well. FiOS digital voice is pretty good, has one or two niceties that Optimum Voice didn’t (caller ID info in the emails it sends, for instance). The Motorola STBs are way better than the Scientific Atlanta (or whatever) that CV provides… I’m awestruck that when you hit the Channel + button, the channel actually changes.

Cablevision offered to woo me back again but since the service was already installed I said no thanks. They did say they’ll pay the termination fee for me to go back. Interesting… Anyway, Fios’s speeds are pretty good, I got as high as 26/20 on the 25/15 line. The Actiontec router is pretty nice too (model #MI424WR-GEN2).

FiOS speed test to Cablevision's server 2009-12-04
FiOS speed test to Cablevision's server 2009-12-04