Homicide rate in the USA broken out by race of offender.

Homicides per 100,000 total US population, broken out by race

US homicides per 100k population

It’s worth noting that the division is against the total US population for that year, not each race’s segment of that population.

Source data: http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/content/homicide/tables/oracetab.cfm

US Public Debt – historical

In a recent “debate” with a friend, I looked for historical data about the US public debt. I found Google Public Data, which has info about the annual budget deficit/surplus, but apparently (oddly) doesn’t have the debt. Odd because this info is available on the Treasury website.

I copied & pasted the data into Google Docs and made a chart of my own and some basic comparisons over time. Here are some of them rendered as images, though the scale makes the horizontal access kind of useless. I tried embedding the interactive Flash-based graph but it didn’t work. Oh well.

{“dataSourceUrl”:”//spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/tq?key=0Arz9JIGL5KjodGlHZjZyRE9YXzBRd0JpVDRKWkE1d0E&transpose=0&headers=1&range=A1%3AC461&gid=0&pub=1″,”options”:{“displayAnnotations”:true,”title”:””,”backgroundColor”:”#FFFFFF”,”legend”:”right”,”logScale”:false,”wmode”:”opaque”,”hAxis”:{“maxAlternation”:1},”hasLabelsColumn”:true,”width”:550,”height”:400},”state”:{},”chartType”:”AnnotatedTimeLine”,”chartName”:”US Public Debt”}