Upgrading ESX 4.0 to ESX 4.1 with Update Manager

This turned out to be so ridiculously easy I probably shouldn’t even mention it, but only because I remembered that Update Manager exists. I thought I was going to have to burn an ISO, go to the datacenter, pop the disc in, etc. But with Update Manager this is all handled remotely. Just download the files from vmware.com and upload them to your vCenter server through the client. This YouTube video by VMware walks you through the procedure:

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Migrating RT from mysql to postgresql.

So I wanted to move our old RT 3.6 system to a new VM running a clean CentOS 5.3 x86 install and RT 3.8. I got RT installed but the 3.6 system was running on MySQL, which sucks (still), and I wanted to move it to Postgres, which rules (more and more each day). So Googling for “migrate rt from mysql to postgresql” brought me here. I tried the procedure listed there but it wasn’t quite working for me. my2pg.pl and mysql2postgresql.perl both caused segfaults when I tried to run them. I realized I was on my own, and it wasn’t really that bad.

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