Chaos theory and Google’s crawler

I’ve been moderately perplexed by the recent spike in traffic on basically unrelated keywords. Apparently this site is currently the #5 result for “fedora 15 beta download” despite my having never written about Fedora 15. In an attempt to funnel people to a useful page I created the previous post with links to the FC 15 ISOs. I feel bad if people come here looking for an answer that’s not to be found.

In looking into this issue I searched Google for the keywords and saw this: is blockable is blockable

There’s a “Block all results” link under my site, but there’s none under any of the other sites. What the hell? Does my site somehow qualify as a spammer or content farm? Why do I get this dubious distinction? Ugh.

Can Fedora 14 users use Gnome 3?

Another influx of visitors searching for the answer to this question. I think this is probably coming from listing the referring keywords right on the page, and then Google indexing those. Anyway, to answer the question, apparently not, at least not via official RPMs:


GNOME 3 won’t be available as a update to Fedora 14. You can try the Fedora 15 Beta that is about to be released in a few days.

Perhaps not you wanted but you can try the Live CD at

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Total War: Shogun 2 – shogun2.dll AppCrash

I’m noticing a bunch of hits referred by keyword search for “shogun2.dll appcrash.” Not sure how my site ended up in the SERPs for this keyword; I’ve never played Total War: Shogun 2 or written about it. But anyway, if you’re looking for info, try these URLs: