One Year Later

Today marks one year since I had the Achilles’ tendon repair surgery.  Life has mostly returned to normal and I can do everything I was doing before the injury.  I do get stiffness in the tendon area, but I actually get that on both legs even though it was only my left tendon that ruptured.  And, thinking about it now, I realize that I had had stiffness in both tendons for a while. After sitting for a while, usually an hour or more, when I first stand up I can barely walk for about 10 seconds until it loosens up, and then it’s basically fine.  But I can ride my bike, walk, sprint to catch a train, take stairs two at a time, and have even gone back to the ocean a couple times – which was the real leap of faith, since that’s how I injured it in the first place.  

So for anyone who’s found themselves with a ruptured Achilles’ Tendon, I just want to let you know there’s life after.  It definitely helped that I had a great doctor, great physical therapist, great wife and a great employer (who let me work from home for 2+ months after it happened) and great health insurance for support.  But stick with it and hopefully you can expect a relatively normal life afterwards.

One year ago
Incision scar on my left ankle after 1 year.

Video update I recorded last week in Central Park.

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