Facebook for iPhone – “Places” hangs on “Locating you…”

I decided to see how “Places” stacked up with Foursquare. I reactivated my Facebook account and reinstalled the iPhone app. Went to “Places” and clicked “Check In,” and… nothing. It mentioned something about turning on Location Services. I know I already have that enabled because other apps are using it without problem. Turns out you need to enable Location Services explicitly:

First, go to the Settings app and select General:

Settings -> General
Settings -> General

Select Location Services:

Location Services
Location Services

Make sure Facebook is enabled (On) if you want to use Places. If you want to disable Places, make sure this is set to Off.

Turn Facebook "On"
Make sure Facebook is 'On' to use Facebook Places.

12 Replies to “Facebook for iPhone – “Places” hangs on “Locating you…””

    1. If you don’t show location services, go into Restrictions. Enable them set a pw and then turn on FB then you can disable again and it should work.

  1. Thank you so much. Other people were describing the settings on facebook, when what I needed was the setting on the phone itself. Thanks again

  2. Thanks so much for showing me how to check in at my location. I been wanting to do it but when i read the facebook help it would say setting..but they didnt (general) setting of your iphone not my setting in my facebook page.. the screen shot help alot.. I had to restrictions then location services.

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