More Tales of Death and Vengeance

Well, Aimster seems to be dying a slow and pained death. We were given what will likely amount to our final paychecks, even though I got only 20% of what I was owed. At least it was enough to pay August’s rent and stave off the eviction proceedings. Now I must move out of this shithole (FYI, Albany is one of the shittiest locations in New York state. I fucking hate it to death.) and acquire new employment and other fun items. THE SAGA CONTINUES.

I am still contemplating suing Aimster (and John Deep personally) for the rest of my money. But I don’t know if it is even worth my time. I’d really like to put him out of house and home. Since that’s basically what he’s done to me. But I guess his wife hasn’t done anything to me, so maybe I won’t. But I would like to. Really.

Fuck Aimster

On August 10, 2001, Aimster (Pi2 Products, LLC and AbovePeer, LLC) decided to not pay any of its employees. Instead, they purchased 60 new whitebox servers. What a wonderful business model! Buy many new computers yet don’t have any developers there to work with them. Also, make sure to give no warning or explanation for this lack of funds. Quite awesome indeed. So now it has been 8 days and I still have not been paid. The cell phone I have through the company is about to be shut off due to nonpayment. Advice from the office: pay it yourself and submit an expense report. Haha! It would be truly amusing if it were not so, so sad.

Good-bye Aimster! So much promise.